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Dear visitor at RTJ, here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions:

What exactly is RTJ ?
RTJ is a specialized contact portal. There already are many contact forums online such as Parship, Elitepartner, Meetic among others, but RTJ is the first portal exclusively aimed at young women and mature men.

Who can register at RTJ ?
RTJ exclusively adresses men above the age of 35 years and women under 30 years, who want to become aqcuainted on this platform. Only persons fitting into this scheme can register. Registration for men under 35 years, women above 30 and persons looking for partners of the same sex is not provided.

What are the membership fees ?
First things first: RTJ IS COMPLETTLY FREE OF CHARGE FOR WOMEN ! Men can also register free of charge in order to look through profiles or cuddle women (some kind of a virtual kiss). If a man wants to write a woman or wants to read a woman´s answer, he has to be a premium member. Premium membership costs 122,- USD for 30 days and 246,- USD for 3 months (all prices incl. 19% VAT). Membership will NOT automatically extend validity after the selected time period (no subscritption trap) so there will be no contract termination necessary.

Options for payment(for men only) ?
You can pay by bank transfer or Paypal. Should you want to remain anonymous you can deposit the amount to our account in cash at every provident bank in Germany. Payment has to happen only once. Contract period does not automatically extend validity ! Contract termination is not neccessary. There´s no so-called subscription trap !

How can I contact other members ?
All women or men, who are premium members, can write e-mails or quickmails (ready-made short messages), send instant messages versenden (chat just for two members, when both are online), cuddling (some kind of a virtual kiss) or issue an assessment and leave a comment with in the network. Men, who not yet a premium member, can soley cuddle women. They won´t be able to open e-mails.

How can I terminate membership or delete my profile ?
You can delete your profile at RTJ at any time thus ending your membership. To do so, you have to log in, click on „my account" in the upper region of the menue and then "delete my profile". Then you have to validate your delition. Please note, that alll your data will be irretrievably deleted and we will not be able to restore your data !

What can I do in case I forgot my password ?
Please go to our home page RTJ (You have to be logged out before you do so !) and click "Forgot Password ?" on the right side. Then pleae enter the e-amil adress, which you used during registration. Your password will be sent to this e-mail adress immediately.

Are there any fake profiles at RTJ ?
Fake profiles are profiles of members, who do not exist a such in real life. Unfortunately it occurs with contact platforms that third parties do set up fake profiles. This has many reasons, the most common are
1) a man registers disguised as a woman to achieve premium membership by fraud.
2) Scammers try to collect e-mail adresses and other data this way
3) A SMS / cell phone number is mentioned, which will cause additional costs when called.
4) A woman´s account might be real, but a „professional Lady" uploadeded it.

Fake profiles will cause the immediate delition of the profil and a contract penalty for the author. As we are not entitled to read content of mail sent within our site, it is complicated for us to find and delete fakes quickly. Should you encounter a fake profile, please send us an e-mail containing its nick name and, if possible, a short statement why we should delete said profile. We are highly interested in keeping RTJ free from fakes and we appreciate your cooperation.

Can I remain entirely anonymous at RTJ ?
Yes. You remain completely anonymous at RTJ. You don´t have to tell us your real name, you can deposit money anonymously to our account at your bank (only your nick name has to be mentioned) and you can even upload pictures anonymously, so that only your favourites can see them.

Instant messages (chat) don´t work ! What can I do ?
Instant messages, a function that enables you to chat with other members, is a pop-up. This means that it will be opened in a new window or tab of your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or others). Some browsers or integrated tool bars may have a so-called pop-up blocker activated, which prevents a new window from being opened. This function has to be deactivated, otherwise RTJ chat cannot function. It is also essential, that your browser has java script activated. If you still cannot chat with instant messages, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to assist you !

Why is my preview picture displayed distorted ?
The reason for your preview picture (little photo in the search menue) being displayed distorted or cut is that all preview pictures are shown in 5:4 proportions (hight:width). To correct this error please edit your picture so it fits the proportions 100%hight x 80%width

What do the following symbols mean ?
= the star designates premiuum membership men.
= Smiley shows online status.
= this symbol designates a woman.

In case you have more questions, please feel free to use our contact form.

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